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Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Earlier in July, the 8th-13th to be exact, I got to travel to Iowa State University (Go Cyclones!!) for an engineering camp run by a program at the school called WiSE.

The acronym stands for Women in Science and Engineering, and the camp experience was! This post is to tell you more about ISU's campus along with what I learned during the camp.

cafe food

I absolutely fell in love with the options that were given to us at the camp. We were limited to Friley Windows and Conversations Dining Hall for lunch and dinner for the week, but the menus changed daily. I never had the same thing twice the entire time I was there! I adored the blueberry yogurt muffins and was able to try taco pizza for the first time (and loved it). Based off these two locations, I am sure the other dining options at the school are fenomenal as well.

dorm life

They aren't lying when they say dorms are small. However, they were larger than what I thought they would be! My roommate and I had our own desk, beds (unlofted), and wardrobes in the room and still had room to leave our suitcases out. It felt very homey quickly, and the dorm floor had a common room/den that the other girls and I watched movies in and played board games. The ISU dorm style at Willow Hall forces you to get to know people (especially with communal bathrooms) which can be nice if making friends is a worry for you.


The camp was an engineering camp, so of course there were classes. However, they weren't traditional sit down and take notes classes. It was organized so that a faculty member or professor would come and speak with us about a particular engineering major in detail, and then we would do hands-on activities to understand the major better.

We also had academic advisors for each engineering section come speak with us as well. It gave us a lot of key information, and made connections between each of the engineering disciplines which is usually not given by simply speaking with an advisor. I will admit some of the talks were long, butI always learned something new from them.


Another best part of the camp was all of the recreational activities we got to do. We went to the Furman Aquatics Center one day, had several movie and board game nights, tie dyed t-shirts, and went rock climbing! My favorite night we had was when we went bowling and canvas painting at the Memorial Union. The camp allowed for all of the girls to bond with each other and to truly experience campus life.

staff and faculty Impressions

The staff and mentors that stayed with us for the week were some of the best people I have ever met. They answered so many questions about honors, engineering, classes, and overall dorm life while also have funny day-to-day conversations with us. I didn't feel like I was a high school student talking with college students and college admin. I felt welcomed and was able to make conversation with everyone very easily.

After the camp was over and we had our "graduation" ceremony, I was so sad to leave. I already met many potential roommates, and felt like what it was like to be a cyclone. I am so ready to be a part of the class of 2023, and would recommend WiSE University to any female who has an interest in engineering.

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