What Not To Bring To College

College is an exciting time. But, it is also a time of transition and struggle for many, which is totally okay! For me, my first struggle was packing and realizing I couldn't bring my entire bedroom with me. After getting settled into college, I realized some items I could have left at home, and saved my dad the trouble of packing them in the car. Not to mention the trouble of moving extra stuff to the room just to move it back down.

Here is a list of some of the items I honestly could have left at home. This is different for everyone (you might realize you use these items on a daily basis, and that's okay!), so just remember to think about what you will actually use when reading this list.

Iron/Ironing Board

Instead of getting an ironing board and iron, I opted to get a steamer instead! It was much more compact and honestly works better than the iron did for me. Steamers are much less hassle to use, and you should only really need them if you need to prepare your clothes for an interview or special event on campus.


This item is honestly debatable. I brought one with me for my dorm room and used it frequently whenever I was in a hurry, or was too lazy to go to our library or computer rooms. However, campus do have tons (and I mean TONS) of printers around that you can use. So, if you think you're and avid printer like me, bring one. If not, you can totally get by with just using the ones the school provides for you. Plus, it does save you money not to bring one.

Too Many Storage/Organization Bins

I went on the side of caution and waited to buy most of my storage bins and racks until I got to my dorm to see how much space I was actually provided. Some of my other friends brought tons of storage bins and their rooms were cluttered while they were unpacking, and even afterwards. I would bring only a few bins with you, and then wait and see what else needs storage. This will save you money as you won't be purchasing unnecessary storage bins, and also limits the potential clutter you could create in your room.

Too Many Decorations

I fell extremely guilty to this last one. I brought two full tubs of wall and desk decorations, and I had my dad take back one of them. I completely overestimated how much space I would have on my side of the room and completely forgot about the fact that I need my desk to actually hold my school supplies and be functional. Although decorating can be the most fun part, try and hold off on bringing tons of decorations. Start by bringing some of your favorite ones, and then having your parents ship you or help buy you new ones if you find that you have space.

The moral of this blog post is that dorms are much smaller in real life than they appear on Youtube videos or pictures. Think about what you actually need and what you just want to bring to college, and make some choices about what to leave behind. It's not easy, but you'll be thanking yourself once you realize that you won't be stepping and sleeping on top of all of your decorations and extra items!

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