Unpacking Your Dorm Room

It's move in day! You have arrived at your new home away from home and it's time to get settled in. Unpacking can be stressful, especially if you like to try and bring as much as you can with you, like me. This can become a headache during move in, especially if you don't know where to start unpacking, or have too much stuff to unpack in one day. Lucky for you, I just had my college move in at ISU, and I have some tips to share with you to help make your move in more efficient!

Disinfect Everything First

You're moving into a dorm where multiple people have lived for a long period of time, and a dorm that has been untouched all summer. Before you start unpacking anything, start by wiping down all surfaces, sweeping, and disinfecting everything that you can possibly touch.

Unpack Bedding and Make Your Bed

I started by unpacking my bedding first. The blankets and comforters took up a decent amount of space in the room, so making your bed is a good way to start making space. You can also start placing items on top of the bed now to move them out of your way.

Unpack Hanging Clothes

If you used my tip I mentioned in the How To Pack For College blog post, this next part should be a breeze. If you kept your clothes on the hangers and put trash bags over them, simply just hang up the clothes and rip off the bag. Quick and easy!

Set Up Your Desk/Electronics Next

I then focused on my electronics as I knew I was going to want to use them later in the evening. I set up my laptop, printer, and TV with the help of my dad. Make this a priority while your parents are still with you so they can help you wire things and fix any potential technological issues if you don't feel comfortable doing so yourself.

Set Up Bathroom Supplies

Next, if you have a shared bathroom with your suite mates, start setting up your toiletries and bathroom items. My roommates decided to get a hanging metal shower caddy so we could keep all of our stuff in the shower. Make sure you discuss with your roommates how you want to store toiletries, and if they want to keep them in the shower or on the sink, or keep them in your own rooms.

If you are using a communal bathroom, this is a good time to place all of your belongings in your shower caddy for the evening. Anything that does not go in your shower caddy, organize into your drawers or storage system in your dorm room!

Unpack Remaining Extras

After unpacking all the necessities, you can start unpacking remaining personal items. This would include school supplies for your desk, clothes that need to be folded, shoes, etc. You want to unpack in an order that ensures you have the necessities for at least night one easily accessible.

Decoration Should be the VERY LAST Thing To Do!

Although it's the most fun part, you need to wait to hang up any decorations. In doing this you will be more relaxed as the hard part of the day is over, and you can spend more time hanging decorations as you want to rather than hanging them up in a rush so you can unpack everything else.

Hopefully this will help guide you in the unpacking process for college! It's all about staying organized and not trying to unpack too many things at once. Let me know in the comments any other unpacking tips you may have!

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