Tips for Cleaning your Dorm or Apartment

We often get so caught up in campus life, homework, classes, and socializing that we often forget to take time to clean our rooms at college. This is your living space, and you want to be sure that you keep a clean environment so that you also feel happier as well. A clean room will make you more efficient and productive as well. Today, I will share some key cleaning areas that I make sure to hit every time I clean my dorm room. I often did a deep clean every other month, with smaller basic cleaning every week.

Donate or toss clothes you don't wear

I brought so many clothes to college and I barely wear half of them. When I did my deep clean, I sat down and went through all of my clothes and donated stuff that I haven't worn in years or months. I hate tossing things out, but it was getting to the point of where I was just holding onto stuff because I assumed I would wear it one day. College rooms and closets are tiny, and it is very likely that you will get more college t-shirts and apparel once you are on campus. Either try and not bring a lot of clothes to campus, or be willing to sit down and toss stuff you don't wear to make space.

Go through old class notes, books, and papers

After every semester, I would go through my notes and toss out everything that I know I won't be able to use or reference in my future classes. I held onto important calc and physics notes, but that was about it. For my textbooks, I either sold them to my friends or back to the bookstore. There is no need to hold onto old college papers and homework assignments as you typically won't need them again. Only keep papers from classes that you could use as a study guide for future courses.

Vacuum and dust down everything

I made the mistake of not dusting down my dorm room until I moved out and OH MAN. I can see why I was sneezing all of the time. Dust everywhere. Be sure to include dusting as a part of your cleaning routine along with vacuuming, as these are two easy things to forget.

Clean your bathroom (if you room has one)

My dorm was a suite, so me and my four roommates shared one bathroom in our room. It was nice because it wouldn't get as messy, but it still got dirty (often times I would end up cleaning it because I am a neat freak, lol). Be sure to make cleaning your bathroom a priority, especially if multiple people are using it. Try and make a cleaning schedule that everyone is held accountable for so you don't end up doing all of the work. The last thing you want is mold and such building up in your bathroom, because the dorm can and will charge you for it, and plus that's just gross.

Change your bedding

I am as guilty as any other college student when it comes to not changing your bedding. I think I only changed mine 8ish times during the last year because it was a lot of work since the beds were lofted. I probably did better than most other students, honestly. Be sure to wash your bedding and change it out every two weeks or so. I started putting a star in my planner with my normal wash days to remind myself to change my bedding.

Hopefully this simple cleaning list reminds you of some things to take care of during the school year when cleaning your dorm. It is super easy to forget some of this stuff and to not really clean your dorm or apartment, but be sure to try and make it a priority. And if you have common areas with roommates, hold them accountable as well for keeping the area clean.

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