Study Hacks and Tricks College Students Should Follow

For me once I came to college my freshman year, I had NO CLUE how to study because I really didn't have to in high school. Classes were easier and I was able to get by with minimal studying most of the time. However, when it came time for college, I was given a rude awakening after struggling with my first few quizzes after not knowing how to study. However, during second semester (and having to study amongst the COVID crisis) I was really able to find what study methods work for me. I hope that some of these tips can help you all find study methods and tricks that help you out during your time at college.

Study outside of your dorm or apartment

You will associate your dorm or apartment with sleeping or socializing, and not as a place of working. You'll easily get distracted and won't pay attention studying or homework because of your roommate or things in your room. Find some study spots around campus that you can go to, such as the library or local cafes, that you can use as a dedicated study spot. The more you don't associate your living and sleeping space with working, the happier you'll be when you return to your dorm or apartment for the night.

Re-listen or re-read the lecture notes

It's so easy to zone out during lectures or easily miss an important thing on the slides. Most professors will post their lectures online after class, so be sure to either review the video or powerpoint slides they post. Sometimes, you might catch a key term or concept you missed the first time that could end up on the exam. Plus, this can also count as studying because you are revisiting the material for a second time.

Rewrite your notes

Often during class, you'll be quickly writing or typing up bullet point notes that aren't really organized or written cleanly. If you leave them like this, when you try to review them you might be confused as to what you meant by something or might writing down an entire topic completely! Take time to re-write your notes after class (I often did so while re-listening to the lecture as I said above!). Organize your thoughts by idea, topic, and overall make your notes easier to flow through. You'll save yourself from a headache later down the road if you rewrite them the same day as your class.

Find study groups outside of your friend group

This may sound weird, as we often want to study with your friends, and you totally should! But, also try and find study groups outside of your friend group. In doing this, you aren't as likely to go off on tangents about random drama or things, and you'll be much more efficient with your study time.

Attend office hours and and tutoring sessions

Most college students avoid tutoring or office hours because they don't feel like going or they don't want to be viewed as "dumb" for not immediately knowing the material. Ignore these thoughts and stereotypes and go to office hours and tutoring! Professors have to host office hours and it is a great time to get one-on-one help with material you may not fully understand. Plus, it allows you to build a strong reputation with your professor. Sometimes, professors may even use new examples they didn't in class which could be similar to future quiz or test problems! Don't be afraid to go. They are there to help you, so take advantage of it! The same goes for tutoring sessions as well.

Don't be afraid to take breaks

We often avoid taking breaks because we fear we won't start working again. I've been there. However, you don't want to burn yourself out either! Set a timer on your phone for 20 to 30 minutes after you been working for awhile and step back from school and work. You'll work much more efficiently after you clear your mind for awhile and then come back to working hard.

Hopefully these study tips and hacks will help you raise your grades and make the most of your study time. Studying and learning your study methods is a process, so be sure to be willing to be honest with yourself regarding what study methods work best for you!

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