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Disclaimer: OCM has gifted me items as a part of being in their ambassador program. In addition, using my promotional code will not impact your shopping experience with the company, besides giving you a discount off your purchase. The links I provide are not affiliate links. Photos come directly from the OCM website.

If someone asked me what was one of the best parts about getting ready to go to college was, I would immediately tell them that it was shopping for dorm room supplies and decor. When you leave for college, it is a chance to revamp your style and is a great opportunity to find new wall decorations, rugs, and desk accessories. Before I arrived at college, I had no clue who the brand OCM was. However, now that I am well into my sophomore year, they have become one of my favorite brands to shop from for bedding, care packages, and decor! Especially during the winter time, they have great items to help you stay cozy at home.

I first interacted with OCM my freshman year, as my Dad surprised me by getting me their care packages for incoming freshman. These packages had goodies such as candy, chips, cookies, and even quick snacks like Mac-and-cheese. These were great surprises to receive throughout the school year. A few months ago, I was able to become an ambassador for the company, and I am excited to share my experiences with some of the items and why colleges students should turn to OCM for college decor and supplies!

If you want to receive a discount from your OCM purchase, keep reading to find my promotional code! :)

One of the first things I received from OCM that I love this winter was a queen-sized bed set from their 5-Piece Bedding Bundle. The comforter is extremely soft and keeps me warm during Iowa winters, and the sheet set is smooth and runs true to size. The comforter is machine washable, so I can easily wash it and my sheets in my apartment with no problems!

I also received an amazing Six-Piece Cotten Towel Set, which is also of great quality! The towels dry off water really fast and it's always nice to have extras on hand for when you want to put off laundry a little longer. They are also super easy to wash in your dorm or apartment, so it’s no extra hassle to you!

Currently, OCM is selling so many winter essentials that you should get for your dorm or apartment! From warm bedding sets like mine, to holiday care packages that have have cookie cakes and cookies from Mrs. Fields, you'll be able to stay cozy in your college space this winter! For a discount off your purchase, you can use my code "DANNIA" for 20% off your order! Definitely take advantage of their sales and promotions this winter, as you want to be prepared for either your winter semester or early spring semester next school year!

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