Iowa State University- My Admissions Experience

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I am excited to say that I was accepted into my #1 university, Iowa State (Go Cyclones!!). My admissions process went very smoothly, and I have already accepted my offer of admissions.

The application for ISU is far from stressful, and you get to know your admission results in as soon as 48 hours if you follow some of the same steps as me. This post is not sponsored or supported by ISU, but it is me just explaining the steps I took and my experience with their college application.


Take your SAT/ACT ahead of time.

Aim to take your SAT or ACT ahead of time. I took mine during junior year so I would be able to apply early to ISU. They accept either test platform, so take the one that you feel more comfortable with. You can submit multiple test scores to ISU, so do not feel pressured to only take it once.

Check ISU's website for your major's admission requirements.

For engineering, there were foreign language credits that I had to meet. ISU also has core class requirements all students must meet in order for acceptance. The different majors and colleges within ISU also have their own student requirements, so be sure to check this as well. You don't want to apply without completing, or planning to complete, all of the required core classes and electives for your major.

ISU uses a RAI or Regent Admission Index calculator, which multiples things such as your rank, GPA, test scores, and core classes you take to give you a score that determines admissions. If the score is above 245, you qualify for automatic admissions. The higher the score, the more you secure your admissions spot. Don't worry, if your RAI score isn't above 245, they will still consider your application.

Use the Cyclone Advantage Planning Form.

The CAP form allows for high school juniors to get a head start on ISU's application, and allows for the admissions application to be completed a week earlier than general admissions. This means that you can apply for the housing you want earlier and have a higher chance of getting what you want! You'll start the CAP form during your junior year, and enter in information such as intended major, class rank, gpa, and what classes you have taken so far.

The CAP form was my best friend. It allowed me to see what my RAI score was automatically, so I had an idea of what my admissions chances were.

Update the CAP form at the end of your junior year - Have your junior year transcript handy.

At the end of junior year, ISU will send you a reminder email to update your CAP form with the most recent information from the school year. This is easier if you have your junior year transcript form your school available to you. A week about 1-2 weeks before the public admissions application become available. By updating the CAP form early, you'll have less work to do on the early application.

Maintain good grades senior year

They make you send your senior year transcript to them at the end of the year. They have the rights to revoke your acceptance to the school due to sinking grades. Don't let this be your downfall and leave you stressed because you won't have a college to go to.

good luck applicants!

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