How To Pack For College

Congratulations! You are on your new adventure going off to college and it's time to start thinking about what you want (and need) to bring with you. The most important part of the packing process is figuring out HOW exactly to get your mountains of items packed up. This post is going to help you organize your items to make your college packing (and future unpacking) experience much easier!

For more about what things to bring to college, check out my post linked here that recommends my top 10 items to bring! (Shameless plug, hehehe).

Brainstorm and List Items You Use Daily

To make the process less overwhelming, I sat down for a few minutes at my desk and made a physical list of all the items I know I use on a daily basis. This included skincare items, technology, different articles of clothing, and everything else I could think of that I used regularly. This will help you initially compile a list of items that you know you must pack with you for college. To make things even easier, you can be like me and organize all of your items by categories. Some examples include clothing, technology, bathroom, cooking, etc,.

Brainstorm and List Items you Borrow/Ask Family Members For

This next part can be a little bit tricky, but I realized how important this was. I typically borrowed all of my sisters face masks and cleansers and I realized I need to buy my own (along with shirts I would always steal from her). Think about whatever items you tend to borrow from family instead, and add these onto your packing list.

Pack Your Hanging Clothes on the Hangers

This next tip is a little life hack for once you start to actually pack your items. Instead of folding all of your clothes and putting them in containers, keep the clothes on the hanger and put a trash bag over them and tie the strings from the bags over the hangers so that they all stay together. I saw this picture on many Pinterest pages and I used this trick myself to make transporting my clothes to my dorm room much quicker (not to mention the 5 seconds it took to hang them up, compared to putting all of my clothes back on hangers).

Buy/Find Storage Boxes

Once I was ready to start packing all of my items, I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart and bought several plastic storage bins. I recommend purchasing clear ones so you can see what is inside each one. These bins are usually stack-able which makes them super convenient for putting them inside a vehicle and keeping them out of the way until you are ready for them during move-in! If needed, you can also keep some of these in your dorm room as use them as holding space for winter gear or extra items you might not need right away once school starts.

Pack Your Items By Category

This next and final tip directly relates to the previous one. To make unpacking easier, pack your items in the storage bins by categories (if you make the categories as I mentioned in the first few tips, this step is super easy!). In doing this, you are able to unpack your dorm room in an ordered fashion, rather than opening multiple storage bins just to find one item! This tip also saved me from panicking about leaving something at home, as I was able to simply open one bin before I loaded it into my car and make sure all of the items for the category I made were inside.

Hopefully these packing tips will help guide you into making your packing for college experience go smoothly and be more organized! The best thing during the getting ready for college process is to keep things orderly and structured as best you can to save yourself (and anyone helping you move) from frustration and stress.

Happy Packing! Let me know about any more tips y'all may have used in the comments below!

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