How I Use My Passion Planner

I am obsessed with anything relating to a planner. Academic planners, personal planner, to planner accessories, if it exists, I want it or probably have it. Recently, my sister introduced me to a brand called Passion Planner, and I absolutely love the layout of the planner.

The planner I purchased is the yearly dated planner. Later, I'll share pictures of how it's formatted and how I choose to personalize my planner. (Please note: this is not a sponsored post, I am just sharing a planner that really worked for me!)

The Passion Planner I have is great because there are specific sections for goal setting and reflection. There's a major section at the beginning of the entire planner, and there are reflection sections at the end of each month.

This planner ensures that you are taking time to think about yourself and your strides (or lack of) towards your goals, and helps coach you to work towards accomplishing your goals.

Getting to the weekly layout of the planner, I love that this particular planner uses time blocking! Each hour is split into 30 minute blocks and I use the blocks to plan out the major aspects of my day (such as work, studying, blog time, etc). I enjoy being able plan my day out in a very detailed manner, and the planner is structured in a way that allows me to do just that! Even better, is that when you order your planner, you get to choose if your week starts on a Sunday or Monday, which I think is a really cool personalization aspect that the company includes! I choose to color code some of my weeks, use some tape to decorate the edges of my planner, and really take time to personalize my planner to how I see fit!

How I Use My Passion Planner

I definitely believe that everyone should have some form of a planner (it doesn't have to be a passion planner)! Being organized helps us be more productive and efficient. We are creatures of habit, so try and make journaling or using your planner a part of your daily habit! Here is the link to the main website where you can view all of planner options!:

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