Genius College Move In Day Tips and tricks

College move in day is filled with so many emotions. It's exciting to be going off to college, but the day can be stressful if you aren't prepared to handle the move. It can be hectic handling excited parents and students while also still trying to make sure you have everything and get everything organized the way you want it.

For today's blog post, I share tips I used to make unpacking my dorm room on move in day as smooth as possible. It's all about planning and being strategic about what you do and the order of which you do it in.

Avoid moving in at the same time as your roommate

If you both move in at the same time, your room is going to be super crowded with both of your stuff all over the place while you unpack. It will create confusion and it will be impossible to move around the small room. Try and stagger your move in times by 2 or so hours if possible so each of you have time to get most of your things unpacked before the other arrives or returns. I had 4 roommates total in my suite so we did our best to make sure that we staggered times so that we wouldn't be fighting over space to put stuff in the common area while we unpacked

Complete your move in assessment form before unpacking anything

Most colleges will give you an inventory and quality assessment sheet to fill out once you check into your dorm room. Be sure to complete this before you unpack anything because once you unpack and decorate, it will be hard to report any damages or things that need repairs. Really inspect your room because any damages that aren't reported on that form become your responsibility. So check everything in great detail to make sure you don't miss reporting something on these sheets.

Don't bring too many family members

Try and only bring your immediate family, meaning parents and siblings, if you can help it. Dorm rooms are tiny and you really won't have space for extra people. So, try and make sure that only people who really need to be there come with you.

Try and have tasks pre-assigned for family members

Going off this last tip about family, try and have tasks for them to do ahead of time. My dad was responsible for helping me get all of my electronics wired up and helped assemble some of my organizational bins. My sister helped me decorate later on and helped me wipe down and inspect the apartment. Having tasks pre-designated makes sure that no one is sitting around waiting for something to do.

Keep cleaning supplies easily accessible

You want to be sure to disinfect everything you will touch in that room. So many people have living there before you so wipe down your bed mattress, desk, closet, door knobs, and anything else you or your stuff has to touch. If you have a bathroom, be sure to do this as well. With all of this cleaning that should happen, be sure to pack your cleaning supplies in a bin that will be unloaded first. I recommend cleaning before decorating or unpacking anything else so everything is easier to reach to disinfect.

Don't try and decorate right away

I know it is the most exciting part, but do not try and decorate immediately. That can wait until either after everything else is done, or later in the night once your family leaves for the day. Get all of the essentials unpacked and unloaded first, such as school supplies, clothes, electronics, and other things you will actually need to use. Decorating can be a nice relaxing and fun end to your move in day adventure.

Hopefully some of these college move in day tips will help you better prepare for the craziness that is move in day. As long as you go in with a game plan, you will be much better off in the long run when it comes to unpacking everything.

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