Creating a Daily Routine For College

Hi everyone! As I talked about in my blog post about making the most out of your first week of classes, I mentioned the importance of making a routine. I want to elaborate more on this and explain different ways to make this routine, and give you some things to include within it.

A reminder that some of these routine tips may not work for you, and that's okay! As you experience life and college, you'll discover what works best for you during your day. I didn't really solidify a schedule until my second semester!

First, I would include basic essentials in your routine, such as exercise, meals, homework, classes, work, and any club commitments you may have. I would also include time for television and relaxation as well. Think of everything you would have to complete in a day, and account for it. Even the seemingly minor or obvious things. We will all have last minute things that pop up each day or each week, but for the most part, your routine should be structured so that it doesn't need to change drastically each day. Consistency is key for building good habits.

My university provides us with great time blocking templates on our student services website that a lot of my friends use. Personally, I bought a planner that is structured in a time block manner so that I can outline my week by the hour. Some of you may prefer just general to-do lists for your day, or may want more than by the hour routine scheduling. Find what method works for you! I went through at least 5 different planners and journal types until I discovered I liked time blocking the best.

The most important thing as I said is staying consistent with your routine. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time. Go to all of your classes at their scheduled time. Work out at the same time you designate. Following your routine and not changing it each day makes your body fall into a habit that way you get what you need to each day done. For example, I signed up for a barre class at my gym at the same time each week so that I had to go work out at a specific time and couldn't say "I'll do it later" (because trust me, later never comes). Once you find a time that works for something in your schedule, stick with it!

Hopefully some of these basic tips will help you on your journey to making a good routine. Remember that you may have to change up things as you learn more about yourself and your day to day life and that's okay! Just be sure that once you have a schedule that works for you, stick with it!

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