Combatting Homesickness In College

Homesickness is something that most college kids go into college thinking they won't experience, and then they soon realize that they miss the small comforts of home and having their family around. Missing home is totally normal! You've been living there for the past 18 years. College is your first experience to taste independence and being away from family, and it can be exciting, but it can also be scary and intimidating. For today's post, I share some tips to help you combat homesickness and how to get used to living on your own at college.

Try to avoid traveling home every weekend if you live close

You won't help your homesickness issue or really gain much independence if you keep going home every weekend because you live close to campus. It may seem tempting, but only go home if you absolutely have to or during the holidays like how out of state students would. Constantly returning home doesn't really allow you to have full independence that a college student would typically experience, so try your best to stay strong and limit your visits!

Stay busy on campus

It helps to distract yourself so you can't sit around thinking about home. Get involved with different clubs and organizations on campus in your free time. Go to the gym and set a workout routine. Hang out with friends or your roommates. Just do your best to stay active so you won't sit around thinking about how much you miss home.

Bring something memorable from home

For me, this was simple blankets and pictures that I had in my bedroom. Find something small but meaningful that you can take with you to college to have in your room to remind you of home.

Don't be afraid to call home every now and then

We live in an age of technology, so use it! I would FaceTime my dad and sister once or twice a week just to say hello and see how things were going. Don't make the habit of calling every single day, as that has a similar effect of going home every single weekend. You want to of course keep your family updated and talk to them (because trust me, they miss you as well!) but know when to limit your calls so you are able to continue to gain that independence.

Know that it takes time to overcome homesickness

Homesickness is not something that will disappear in a few days! It takes time to realize that you are strong and can manage on your own at college, especially since we have depended on our family for any problems we had for the past 18 years. It's okay if during the first part of college you really miss home. I know for me, whenever I went home for a break I would come back feeling a little homesick again. But it's normal, everyone goes through it, and it will pass!

College is great, but of course we will all miss home at some point. These tips are some good starting points to help you adjust to being away from home while in school. If you still find yourself struggling, student services or counseling centers on campus are another great resource to use! They help with students missing home and a variety of other things, so don't be afraid to schedule an appointment with them if you find yourself not being able to get past feeling homesick.

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