Amazing Resume Building Tips For College Students

Your resume is your lifeline when it comes to finding internships, co-ops, and even jobs during your college experience. Your resume is going to highlight all of your experience, so you want to make sure it is as organized as possible, and only includes relevant information. Today, I will be sharing tips regarding how to create a strong resume to impress college recruiters.

Especially if you are a freshman, this can be hard since you won't really have too much involvement on campus first semester. Don't panic though, just get involved as soon as you can that way by second semester you can buff up your resume even more!

Try and limit listing high school activities

Unless you are a freshman (in which it is totally okay to list your high school GPA and some high school involvement), you should be trying to limit anything on your resume that mentions high school. Recruiters want to see what you have accomplished during your time at college, and not so much what things you did years ago freshman year of high school. You should be getting involved with different clubs on campus (academic and leisure) along with any leadership positions you hold in said clubs.

Limit your resume to one page if possible

Most recruiters will only look at one page or one side of your resume. I've even heard stories of recruiters tossing out resumes that were longer than one page. Stop and think about what things are critical that you have been involved with, and try and only keep recent involvement and experience on your resume.

Go to your career services center for review

A lot of colleges offer free resume reviews for students on campus. I highly recommend setting up an appointment with them so you can have a campus professional look at them. they gave me great advice about headers for my resume, how to order things, and what bullet points I should omit. It takes less than 5 minutes, so go get a free resume review!

If you don't want to go to career services, get some of your friends together and swap resumes and peer review instead!

Avoid writing paragraphs To explain your involvement

You want to be short and to the point while still listing important details about your involvement. Look up power words and phrases online to help you only include important terms on your resume. I limited myself to three bullet points per item. Recruiters do not want to read life stories, so keep it strong and simple.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you create a strong resume for a job application or career fair. As I mentioned, your resume is one of the largest factors in how recruiters assess who they want to give interviews to or who they want to give jobs to, so make sure it is a strong representation of you!

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