8 Things To Bring To Survive College Move-In Day

College move in day can be exciting, but it can also be stressful handling either you or your parents feeling nervous, knowing where to start unpacking, and meeting your new roommate(s). This guide has a list of 8 items that I highly recommend bringing with you to your college move in day. These items made the entire moving process less stressful and helped me feel much more organized during the day!

Disinfecting Wipes

Especially with the virus going around, you want to be sure to deep clean everything in your dorm or apartment before you unpack anything. Take time to wipe down your desk, bed, closet, door handles, everything you can think of.


This directly goes with the wipes above, but protect your hands when working with cleaning chemicals and touching things you haven't cleaned off yet.

Mess-Free Snacks

You will get hungry (or your family will) at some point while you are unpacking and cleaning. If you don't have time to take an official lunch break, be sure to pack some easy snacks with you. Even better, if you have a mini fridge and microwave in your dorm room that you bring, you can maybe bring a nice full lunch you can enjoy right in your room!

Water Bottles

Just like the snacks, make sure you and your family stay hydrated and pack some water with you. Maybe even through in a few energy drinks as well!

Bedside/Desk or Standing Fan

It will get hot in the room if you are constantly moving around and lifting stuff. It will be even hotter if there are multiple people in the room. If you can, bring a clip on bedside or desk fan with you to help you cool down. If you have enough space in your dorm, you can also bring a standing fan to put in a corner as well. Bringing a fan is really important because it is typically hot during move in day, and some dorms do not have student controlled air conditioning.

Moving Cart/Dolly

At least for freshman, some colleges provide moving carts, but if you are an upperclassmen or do not feel like waiting in line for a moving cart, try and rent or bring one of your own. You'll be happy when you aren't lugging boxes or a mini fridge up and down your building.

Command Strips/Hooks

Most dorms and apartments do not allow for holes or screws to be put into their walls. So, to avoid this, command strips and hooks will be your best friends for hanging stuff up.

Surge Protectors/Power Strips

This one is heavily dependent on your dorm's policies. For my dorm, any power strip we brought had to be a surge protector as well, or else we would get fined. Be sure to check your school's website on what other items are allowed or prohibited in the dorms. However, either one that you end up purchasing, make sure you get one with a long cable. Power outlets are usually in very inconvenient places in dorms, and you want to make sure everything you need can get charged.

This list is a great starting point of items you want to be sure to pack with you for move in day. Make sure you keep these items easily accessible, as you are going to want to be able to use them and not waste time searching for them!

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