6 Resources On Campus Students Often Forget About

A lot of college students forget that we actually pay for a lot of different services through our tuition and fees. I know I often forget just how many things that I pay for and have access to. Today's post is a short list of resources on campus that you may forget are available to you as an enrolled student at your college or university.

Academic Success Centers

This is a great place to go if you need help with time management, study tips, organization tips, or advice about anything regarding your classes. The staff who works at these centers have amazing resources, advice, and handouts they will provide to you. I got a super nice desk calendar printable for free from my success center, so definitely go and check them out!

Student Counseling

Counseling is something many students may shy away from because they feel embarrassed or don't know who to go to. Your counseling center on campus is a great place to start or continuously go to. They can help you with stress, anxiety, and anything else you may need to talk about. They are there to help you, so even if you don't think you are worried for stressed about anything major, it doesn't hurt to go anyway and talk to someone!

Group Exercise and Fitness Classes

During the year before the virus hit, I loved going to barre and Pilates classes with my roommates! Even with COVID-19, the school still offered virtual group exercise meetings that you could join in on! Staying healthy on campus is important, so I definitely recommend using the free exercise programs that your school gym offers you!

Personal Training

Going off the last resource, many schools also offer personal training (and even personal dietitians) to help you meet your exercise and fitness goals. This may or may not be free depending on what your college assess for fees, but they are definitely more affordable compared to going off campus!


I am guilt of forgetting about the power of librarians as well as many other students! They are a great first stop for asking about where to find resources for certain topics, how to navigate online media, and are great for finding new book recommendations!

Multicultural Student Offices

I actually got my full-tuition scholarship from my college's multicultural office, so be sure to get involved with them and see what resources they offer for students. They offer a lot of great seminars, guest speakers, study spaces, resources for minorities (and for those who want to learn more about supporting minorities!), and many other resources as well.

I hope this list will jog your memory about resources that are available to you. We often already pay for almost all of these activities and resources on campus, so defintely take advantage of them.

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