5 Ways to Stay Active And Healthy On Campus

You often hear about students saying "beware the freshman 15" and overall weight can during college because it is SO EASY to forget to take care of your personal health when you get busy with classes. Trust me, I've been there. Health is important, and you won't do well in courses if your mental health is slacking. Today, I offer some simple tips and things I used to help me stay active on campus amongst my busy schedule. Please note that not all workout and fitness tips will work for everyone. These are things that worked for me and my friends so I am sharing them with you all!

Walk to classes

Most college have some form of a bus system that is typically free for students. This is great for if it's rainy or snowing outside, but while the weather is nice, definitely try and walk to most of your classes. It's an easy way to get steps in for the day, and it makes up for the fact that you are sitting in lectures for most of the day.

Attend fitness or group exercise classes at your gym

A lot of campuses also give students memberships to the gyms on campus as a part of the registration fees you pay each year. If this is the case, definitely use that membership that you are paying for! Gyms often have free group exercise classes such as yoga, barre, pilates, and other classes you can take as a part of your gym membership. It's also great to workout with other people for motivation, so go with some friends. If the virus is limiting these classes, some colleges offer zoom and Skype group exercise classes that you can attend with your friends virtually.

Join running or workout clubs

There is literally a club for everything on campus. If you can think of it, it probably exists. This is definitely true for exercise clubs. If you enjoy running, dancing, weight lifting, or whatever it may be there's probably a club for it on campus waiting for you. And, if there isn't, you and your workout pals can totally make one!

Get a personal trainer

Just like how colleges offer different gym membership perks, a lot of campuses will also give options for students to hire a personal trainer or dietitian to help them with their fitness journey. These trainers are great as they help keep you accountable, and are a great source to go to for any questions about fitness and health.

Avoid excessive snacking while studying

I am so guilty of this. I love to munch on chips or cookies while I watch lecture notes again or read my textbooks and it has probably lead to some extra pounds. Try and be aware of your snacking habits, and if you are like me and must be snacking on something, try and opt for healthier options like fruits or granola.

I hope some of these tips and ideas will help you maintain and upkeep your physical health on campus. Exercise is also great for your mental health as well which you also need to be making a priority. If you find yourself not having enough time for you, stop and think about what can you change or do to fit in that "you" time. Don't be afraid to talk to your advisor or counseling services on campus if you need help with this or anything else!

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