5 Things Not To Do In High School

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

High school can be an exciting time for many. There are new opportunities open to students, new friends, and a completely new environment. Although it is nice to enjoy this new freedom and realm that has been opened up to you, there are just some things that one shouldn't do during high school.

Unless you would like to be remembered as the person who changed relationships every week, or kept dropping classes because they didn't want to commit, this post is to help inform you about 10 key things to avoid doing while in high school. Avoiding these things will spare your sanity and possibly help upkeep your reputation throughout your high school career.

Join Every Club

The worst thing you could do to yourself is try to join every single club your school has just because you think it might look good for colleges. Truth is, colleges prefer to see you engaged heavily in few clubs that make an impact, rather than saying you are in many and not doing much. In this case "quality over quantity" is important.

Get in A Relationship "Just Because"

During high school, you'll see many people be in one "committed relationship" one week, and then be dating someone else the next. People get into relationships in high school mostly for the purpose of being able to show off and say they can date someone. We all know the reputation and names that these people get sadly, so don't be one of them. Only get into a relationship if yourself and the other person is fully committed, and not in it just for the benefits.

Slack Off

Lemme say it loud for those in the back, "YOUR GRADES MATTER". If you are under the illusion that grades don't matter, oh man. These determine what colleges you get into, and potential scholarship opportunities. Also, you may think studying in high school is easy and a breeze, but the habits you pick up now will follow you into college, and colleges classes are much harder. Don't set yourself up for failure. Work hard now and make it easier for yourself in the future.

Not Plan for College

It would be silly not to. For most, college is the next step after high school, and it is never to soon to start writing potential essays and hunting for scholarship money. Don't keep putting it off, because you will get to senior year and be panicking about not having a college chosen or stressing over not being able to pay for the college you want to go to.

Don't Join an Extracurricular

Extracurricular activities are a great way to show colleges you take advantage of opportunities that are given to you. Find one large organization that you enjoy and get involved with it. It gives a chance to make more friends and to further pursue a passion that you have.

I hope this post has given you insight as to things to not do in high school. Have fun of course, but remember what you are truly going to school for, and how what you do now could (and will) follow you into your future past high school.

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