5 Things I Wish I Didn't Bring To College

I love shopping. However, when it came to shopping for my dorm room, I admit I probably bought too much stuff (along with my roommates). I felt like my dorm room was cluttered and some of the stuff we brought we barely used. I want to tell you all some things that I thought really aren't needed in a dorm room and I also want to advise you not to overpack certain things. Now this isn't to discourage you from personalizing your dorm room. It is advise you from overpacking and having stress later during move in day.

Excess wall decorations and art

I have so many wall canvases and pictures that most of them barely fit on my dorm room walls. And went it came time for me to move to my apartment, which was slightly smaller, most of my canvas wall art didn't fit. I highly advise only bringing a few favorite wall art pieces with you, and many buying more once you actually move in to the dorm and see how much space you have left.

More than 2 sheet sets

You honestly don't need more than two. You simply wash one and use the other one to replace it, and continue this cycle. They take up space in your drawers and you can get by easily with just washing two sets throughout the school year.

Too many clothes

I came from Texas to Iowa, so I stocked up on winter clothes and jackets because I thought I needed a variety, and while I did, I packed too many. And not just my winter clothes. I definitely brought way to many leggings and t-shirts. You have much less closet space in a dorm room than you think, so be sure to only pack clothes you wear on a normal basis and avoid packing too much out of "just-in-case scenarios". If it comes down to it, you can buy extra winter gear or whatever it may be once you move into your dorm if you truly need it.

Excess school supplies

In college, you really won't burn through school supplies like how you might have in grade school. I've been using the same journals and pens for the last three semesters now. Try to avoid stocking up on school supplies in bulk (besides pencil and notebook paper) as you really won't fly though it and it will take up space in your room.

Avoid buying excess Storage bins

My roommate and I had so many storage bins in our dorm that our room was honestly a bit cluttered. Some of these storage containers were barely being used until late second semester before we moved out. I would recommend holding off on buying a lot of storage containers (start with one or two) and then go out and buy more if you truly, truly need more. Dorm rooms are tiny so you won't have too much space unless you are in a single room dorm.

This list should be a good reference for you as to what to avoid bringing to college. We often overestimate how large dorm rooms are, so be sure to pack small

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