5 Nighttime Habits College Students Should Follow

I used to be terrible at following a nighttime schedule after my classes in the evening. I would often get to caught up in homework or talking with friends that I would honestly forget to take care of myself, which isn't okay! Although college can get hectic at times, you definitely want to have some things you try and do every night to keep some consistency in your days. Below, I share some tips that I try and follow in order to keep my nights orderly and calm!

Have a hard-cut off time for homework or studying

If you are like me, once you are on a roll with homework, it is impossible to stop because you just want to finish as much as you can. However, I've found that when I do this, I often end up working until like 11pm, without doing my skin routine, taking a break, or even talking to my roommates. Unless you have a serious exam coming up (which you should be studying for in advance anyway) try and cut off your homework time early in the night. For me, I often said that 8:30pm was my cut-off time for homework so that way I could do what I wanted up until when I went to bed.

Set a specific time block for dinner

Try and set a specific dinner time each night. In college, as bad as it sounds, it is super easy to forget to eat because of the assignments and studying you get wrapped up in. So, to avoid this, be sure to set a block of time dedicated to dinner. Also, in having a set dinner time, you help your body start to follow a routine.

Take 30 minutes to do something fun or relaxing

I always promised myself that I would catch up on Youtube, read a book, or just talk with my roommates for at least 30 minutes before I went to bed that way I'm not trying to go to bed stressed or burnt out. Set aside this time to do something you want to do besides homework and studying. Personal health is everything, so make sure you are balancing that with your school work. Grades are important, but should not take priority over your personal wellbeing.

Plan out tomorrow's to do list in advance

To keep your mind from racing once you get into bed, go ahead and set aside 15 or so minutes to update your planner and to do lists. I often have a habit of thinking about everything that has to get done the next day once I am in bed, which doesn't help me fall asleep. To spare yourself from this extra stress, go ahead and write out all of your thoughts, tasks, worries, whatever it may be down on paper or in your planner so your brain can rest when it is time to go to bed.

Keep your devices away from your bed

As a fellow technology advocate, I understand this is extremely difficult. But the closer your phone, tablet, or laptop is to your bed the more likely you will be to scroll though social media or get distracted talking to friends and not go to sleep. As soon as you hear your phone vibrate or see a notification, you go right back to the beginning of your cycle of trying to go to sleep. Before you crawl into bed, try and get into the habit of not taking your devices with you. If you charge them right by your bed, move them to your desk instead.

Maintaining your health and happiness is super important, especially in a sometime stressful environment like college. Try using some of these tips, and create your own, to provide a more structured and relaxed bedtime schedule.

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