5 More Things Not To Do In High School

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Welcome to the continuation of the "What Not To Do In High School" Saga. This second part will detail five more key things to avoid doing while in high school in order help achieve a smoother school year.

Some of these tips may seem intuitive, but they are still nice to hear again for reinforcement. Keep reading to figure out different ways to help make the remaining time you have left at high school an enjoyable one, and how to help prepare yourself for college.

Not Take Challenging Courses

Everybody needs a good challenge every now and then. Perhaps take an AP course or honors course in a class that relates to your future career or college major. Colleges like to see students who are engaged in difficult classes and can stick through them. Some of these classes also offer potential college credit so you can get ahead your classes! I was able to skip 3+ classes before I even go to college!

Heres the catch though, don't take so many advanced courses that you don't have time for your mental health and other things you are involved in. Colleges like to see students who can balance a hard course load with other activities such as band and clubs. Find a balance for yourself. Consult older students you may know as well. They are a good resource for determining if a certain advanced course is worth the time or not.

Stay in toxic relationships and friendships

Friends come and go. You'll have a small select few amount of friends who will stick it with you until the end of high school. You're also going to encounter those "friends" who are just in it for the drama, gossip, or to just use your homework when they have "forgotten" yet again. Don't be afraid to simply cut off a relationship with someone if you feel like they aren't a good influence or have different morals and values that cause extreme tension. You'll make more friends as time goes on, so don't waste time associating yourself with negative people.

Not Ask for advice from parents

As much as us teenagers don't want to, your parents have quality advice as to handling high school drama, creating class schedules, and helping prepare you for the real world. Take some time at dinner to ask your parents on their input about joining a certain club or taking certain honors classes. They have gone through the high school experience also! Plus, talking with them builds a stronger family connection that is essential to have. If the world turns its back on you, you always want to have your parents to go to.

Not applying for scholarships

Finding funding for college can be stressful, I know. But it is never too early to start looking. The simple 500 word essays add up, plus many scholarship allow students to reuse essays they have already written if it fits the prompt. Make it a goal to apply to at least one a week, and during the summer, book out even more. The less stress you put on yourself (or your parents) for paying for college, the better.

Stress yourself to the point that you do not have fun

High School is an experience. It's your choice to make it a good or bad one. Challenge yourself, but leave time for friends, family, and personal hobbies. Attend your high school homecoming and socials. Get hyped at pep rallies. Get involved with school spirit events. You'll regret later when your friends talk about their fun high school times and you don't have any memories other than being at home.

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